Hitsville USA - DMH Motown Sound
Hitsville USA - DMH Motown Sound

Our Story

DMH Motown Sound is an Internet Radio Station playing all the GREAT music know as the Motown Sound..  Radionomy hosts the station.  Nashville, TN.  Finally it was started out of the love of the Motown Sound.

We found there were very few regular or internet based radio stations play the Greatest Music ever.  Therefore we set out to honor all the artist over the years of Motown.  As a result, DMH Motown Sound came to life on Radionomy.

The name of Radionomy is a contraction of two words: radio + autonomy.  Stations can create their own online radio or listen to online radio, all created and programmed by the station. Through a platform called RMO, stations can choose music, chronic and radio jingles or they wish to broadcast their radio. Stations can add their own audio content including own musical pieces, jingles.

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