DMH Motown Sound – Tune to SHOUTcast Now!

SHOUTcast LogoSHOUTcast is cross-platform proprietary software for streaming media over the Internet. The software, developed by Nullsoft, is available free of charge. It allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or High-Efficiency Advanced Audio Coding format, to be broadcast to and from media player software, enabling the creation of Internet radio “stations”.

The most common use of SHOUTcast is for creating or listening to Internet audio broadcasts; however, video streams exist as well Some traditional radio stations use this platform to extend their presence onto the Web.

SHOUTcast Radio is a related website which provides a directory of stations.

DMH Motown Sound can now be found on the directory.  In the upper right corner, enter DMH Motown Sound into the search box.  Then on the next page, click the play arrow.

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